Breakdown Servicing

At JS Auto Electrics we carry out comprehensive servicing and repairs to all makes and models including a wide range of vehicles.


Air Conditioning Service Consists of:

  • Visually inspect system
  • Removal of gas
  • Replace Filter
  • Nitrogen Pressure Testing
  • Oil
  • Recharge system with R134A

Air Conditioning Repairs

Repairs consist of systems that have leaks or faulty components ie compressors, condensors, evaporators and T/X Valves. For leaking systems we carry out a nitrogen pressure test and identify which part of the system requires attention.

For Component repairs we can assess what the system is doing and we can identify what the issue is. We can also identify any potential issues in the way of rubbing hoses, faulty belts and blocked condensors ect.

We also cater for vehicles that do not have factory fitted air conditioning, in the way of making up a totally new system to suit any application on most vehicles.

Our workshop is equipped with a vast range of equipment to assess, diagnose, repair and charge your system.

We can carry out diagnosis and repairs to all aspects of climate control, and we also have scan tools which are capable of diagnosing and programming vehicles with electronic climate control.